RYE + WILLIAMS CREATIVE GROUP designs, develops, and handmakes sophisticated outerwear and accessories with a globally unrivaled blend of functional and aesthetic design.


Our designs are modern overhauls of classic styles, infused with:

Unlimited Functionality

Individualized Fit

Situational Adaptability

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our design principals are delivered in the form of 14 specialized features, each developed through an intensely iterative process.




Large Versatility Pockets : It may not be obvious, but There are two large pockets on all outerwear garments. Each can hold items large, awkward items such as: 1L water bottle, 25fl oz thermos or 13" laptop. 

Discrete Secure Pockets : At least two hidden zipper pockets on all outerwear garments.


Adaptive Collar : Elastic loops on the interior and exterior stretch to hold anything from a scarf to a neck pillow.

Convenient pockets to keep items that are needed quickly secure and easily accessible.


situational ADAPTABILITY


Temperature Control Vents :

Mesh vents prevent overheating by allowing a controlled amount of circulation, adjusted by opening or closing zippered covers


Attach / Detach Layers :

All Tech Climber Jackets zip into any Atmosphere Admin Coat to make two jackets become one incredibly warm heavy coat. Or unzip them to wear each separately.

  • Easy Access Passthrough - Weather-safe zippered openings on the outside of the garment allow direct access to the inside. The passthrough placement is specifically designed to provide perfect access to the pockets in the Tech Climber when it is worn as a coat liner.

Convertible Hood : Hood collapses completely into a collar or in half to protect neck and ears, without flattening hair.



Style transformation : both outerwear and accessories have been designed to allow multiple styling options, with easy transitions that happen in seconds 

Hidden Gloves - Loose fitting gloves go on and off effortlessly, fit comfortably, and are always available when need and out of the way when out of use

Real Touch Fingertip Passthrough - Weather safe welt openings allow fingertips to be exposed without taking off gloves, enabling more accurate and prolonged use of touch technology in cold weather.


  • Adjustable Sleeve Lengths - Sleeves and cuffs are precisely shaped to enable unencumbered folding and styled identically on both sides to seamlessly disguise adjustments. The same garment can fit people who range up to 8 inches in height or wingspan difference.


  • Smart Cinching - Waistline can also be adjusted to fit to further add to a tailored appearance.